Konnakol is a versatile vocalized rhythmic language used in South Indian Carnatic music. It is somewhat comparable to the North Indian Hindustani bol where syllables represent the different tones and finger combinations used in the playing of the tabla. Complex rhythmic structures are built through the combination of various konnakol units and can be applied in a number of creative ways.

I’ve adapted a few basic syllables for the purpose of demonstrating and developing general rhythmic concepts and patterns, independent of musical style. I know little of the artistry of konnakol as an expressive musical art form and do not pretend to be teaching that here.

Basic Units       Syllables        Shorthand
Units of 1:       Ta               T
Units of 2:       Ta-ke            Tk
Units of 3:       Ta-ki-ta         Tkt
Units of 4:       Ta-ke-di-mi      Tkdm

Compound Units
Units of 5 (2+3): Ta-di-Gi-na-tom  TdGnt
           (3+2): Ta-ki-da-Ju-no   TkDjn



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