Plan of Action

I plan to set aside at least fifteen minutes and up to 45 minutes a day, with one day off each week, toward the memorization and mastery of the first three exercises in the book Continuo Playing According to Handel: His figured bass exercises. . I will give special focus to one exercise for three weeks each, though there will be a good deal of overlap. I will need to concurrently prepare for one as I’m learning to transpose another, while reinforcing anything recently mastered.

My training sessions will likely change as I discover where the various pitfalls lay, but my initial plan is to follow the rough schedule outlined below.

Day 1 Sight read each exercise 5 times in written key

Create audio file of Exercise No. 1 in its written key beginning with root position

Day 2 Sight read each exercise twice in written key

Master first four chords of Ex.1 in written key beginning in root position.

Create spreadsheet to keep track of practice

Day 3 Sight read each exercise once in written key

Example Practice Session

  1. Sight-read all three exercises at a very slow tempo
  2. Focus on Ex. 1 for wks 1-3, Ex. 2 wks 4-6, Ex 3 wks 7-9
  3. Review

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