UrMusic Philosophy

“Theory is a recipe for style” (James Tenney)

egyptian-musiciansUrMusic Creative Research follows a philosophy of music that considers style a compounding of evolutionaryenvironmental, and cultural patterns of observationevaluation, and imitation that obscure the dynamicemergent properties of interactive gesture (body), acoustical space (environment), and neural entrainment (ear/mind).

Paul Ruston (director), September 2016

Time line of prehistoric inventions

Time line of human evolution and prehistoric inventions

from http://www.eupedia.com (http://www.eupedia.com/europe/timeline_human_evolution.shtml, accessed 03 March 2016)

Australopithecus made stone tools at least 2.6 million years ago in Ethiopia (source). Modern and ancient chimps have been known to make and use stone tools for multiple purposes too (source), so the use of tools may date from well before the split between the two species some 6 million years ago. Continue reading “Time line of prehistoric inventions”

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