These compositions explore gated-feedback networks where several musical sources ‘resolve’ to near-infinite variation and polyrhythmic/tonal complexity.

created by Paul Ruston in 2014.

Resonant Network: Guitar & Drumset

This demonstrates the emergent, tonal nature of rhythmic entrainment. Melodic, harmonic, timbral shifts, voice-like effects, are all emergent from very simple gestures and motifs. Often the guitar plays only two notes or chords but results in polyphonic, polyrhythmic contrapuntal structures.

Drum & Guitar Network Diagram


…we remember the late Cy Twombly for his luscious, passionate scribbles… “I didn’t have to bother with myself ever,” he once said, “except as a vehicle to look for subject matter.” (

Twobley Lepanto crop

'I work in waves' (The Guardian)

In a rare interview, the renowned US artist Cy Twombly talks to Tate director Nicholas Serota about his astonishing work.

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